My Love Affair with the BFF

I have to tell you about probably THE best find I have ever purchased at a running expo!  About a month ago, my husband and I ran the Dark Side Half Marathon at Disneyworld.  After spending a good hour standing in line and then another shopping in the official merchandise area, this booth caught my eye.  There were two people giving massages to people with this electronic buffer thing.  I actually walked past it at first since there were so many people in the booth, but when we were standing in line to get taped at the KT booth, I couldn't stand the curiosity any more and went over.

Love these beauties!

As you may have gathered, I am a sucker for health and wellness products.  I have bought everything from Tiger Tails, foam rollers, foot massagers, headbands that keep you cool....everything.  But the first words out of my mouth when I put that buffer on my tight quad was, "Ooooh..", then, "Sold!"

I met the super-cool creator and owner of this magic machine, Joshua.  He told me all about the benefits and answered all my questions.  

I took mine back to the hotel, and fell even more in love.  I have a condition in my back and possibly something wrong with my hip.  By turning the BFF buffer slightly on it's edge, I could hit all my problem areas that I have not been able to reach with traditional mobility methods like foam rolling and lacrosse ball work.  It hits my tight Psoas and QL muscles like nobody's business.  I also buffed all my problem areas as well as my feet and knees to help warm them up just prior to leaving for the run.  I noticed my feet and knees weren't as sore at the end as other races I have done.  And I definitely felt it was a big help in recovering from my Legacy Tinkerbell Half that I just ran two weeks ago.  I now also use it to help warm up (and recover from) olympic weightlifting and Crossfit.

Not only does it act as an electric foam roller and massager, it also helps you in the aesthetic world too.  You can change the cover from the "over the clothes" appropriate mitt and put on one that is designed for lotions and body butters (it comes with both mitts).  When you buff the lotion in your skin, not only are you applying the product, but you get an amazing massage that brings better blood flow to your skin and and muscles at the same time.  This really helps me after a long day of sitting at work because my legs tend to swell at the end of the day, and using the buffer when I get home or go to bed helps get the excess fluid moving back where it belongs.

You can also purchase an exfoliator/hair removal pad which is a TRIPLE THREAT.  When you use this handy pad, it takes off all the dead skin and unwanted hair while massaging and increasing blood flow.  My legs feel amazing after using this pad.  It is also great for prepping your skin for self- tanner.  No more trying to scrub then shave prior to applying!  


I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH, I  want to help bring it to everyone! That's why I have become a BFF AMBASSADOR.  And I have a  LITTLE SECRET...I HAVE SPECIAL PRICING FOR MY UNICORNS!  Email me at UNICORNWELLNESS+BFFINFO@GMAIL.COM or complete this google form to get information on my SPECIAL PROMO AND AVAILABILITY (these things are seriously FLYING OFF THE SHELVES!)