The BFF 2.0 is the premier professional quality fitness, beauty & wellness device on the market - designed for you to use on your own body in the comfort of your home! Ultra-Deep Tissue Massage | Fitness Warm-up and Recovery | Hair Removal | Exfoliation | Deep Moisturization | Cellulite Treatments. One device...many uses.

The bff uses vibration and orbital motion to help improve circulatory health, muscle health, joint health, skin health, and emotional health.

It's an electric foam roller, masseuse, exfoliator, shaver, lotion and self-tanner applicator all in one. And it just feels good!


I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH, I  want to help bring it to everyone! That's why I have become a BFF AMBASSADOR.  

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And I have a  LITTLE SECRET...I HAVE SPECIAL PRICING FOR MY UNICORNS!  Email me at UNICORNWELLNESS+BFFINFO@GMAIL.COM or complete this google form to get information on my SPECIAL PROMO AND AVAILABILITY (these things are seriously FLYING OFF THE SHELVES!)

Check out this video courtesy of the official BFF site!