YOMF015: Therapy Dogs with Stephanie

Do you or someone you know need assistance in getting a psychiatric service animal? It can be daunting to jump through the hoops or even ask for help. In this episode, we sit down with Stephanie L. Taylor to discuss her journey to getting a service animal (even as a mental health clinician herself!) and her new book (Animals That Heal: The Role of Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals in Mental Health Treatment) aimed at helping others navigate this experience.

Episode 10: Joyfully Divorced with Diane McDermott

What does it mean to be “joyfully divorced?” Those are not two words you hear together very often! Today, we chat with Diane McDermott who is making it her mission to get rid of the stigma around talking about divorce and connecting those who are going through that transition. Find out what she has learned from her own personal experience and why she is using this opportunity to talk to us for her own healing!

Episode 9: Rapid Transformational Therapy with Amy Turner

She’s baaaaack! Amy Turner, the "No B.S. Sweetheart" and the founder of No B.S. Therapy is back for Round 2 on the Your Oxygen Mask First Podcast. Today, we are diving into Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is a special type of therapy (and her specialty) that combines aspects of traditional therapy with hypnosis to get those who are suffering to feel better and make breakthroughs in a fraction of the time of conventional therapy. Join us to find out how this can benefit you and why having support is SO important!