Enhance your wellness journey with three easy steps from Le-Vel Thrive!

The short story

Thrive is a supplement system that helps fill in your nutritional gaps and provides your body with premium nutrients to help you live a healthier, more active lifestyle


What is it?

The three easy steps consist of two capsules when you very first wake up in the morning, a shake about 30 minutes later, and then a DTF (Dermafusion Technology) patch.  Doing these steps consistently will give you energy and mental clarity all day, without having to rely on coffee, energy drinks, and sugar to make it through.  

Le-Vel has also created supplemental systems that help your body even more.  There are products for better sleep, digestive support, joint support, a superfood drink mix, and the newest product to roll out is a sublingual hydrolyzed collagen gel called Form.


My results

I have been using the Thrive system since January, 2016 and I have seen a huge difference in myself.  I am no longer cranky for no reason, have better mental stamina and can tolerate stress better.  My skin is better and I have lost and been able to keep 10 pounds off despite inconsistent work outs due to a back injury.  I sleep better and no longer rely on gallons of coffee or sugary coffee drinks to survive.

Others I have been in contact with report the same results, as well as relief from joint pain and discomfort, as well as weight loss (a happy side effect) and better overall mental well being.


No, it's not a scam.  It has worked wonders for me, my family, and friends.  Yes, it is direct sales.  Which means that instead of paying money that goes to billboards and commercials, the company rewards real people who use the products to share their story.  No cold calling, no going door to door.  And you can get your Thrive for free.  Most people in direct sales now a days are moms, dads, your friends and family who love a product and are trying to find their way to financial freedom.  I have been involved with several direct sales companies (mostly for the discounts) but have never found quite the opportunity I have found from Le-Vel!  


You can email me at unicornwellness@gmail.com with any questions or just to say hi!  You can also check out my site at erinyeung.le-vel.com to check out more about Thrive and create your own free customer account to click around in.  Thanks for reading!